I hate pills. I hate the taste they leave in your mouth. I hate having to remember the different times that I have to take them. I really hate them. I already missed a couple today and I really cant be bothered.

After the prayer meet, I felt a little ‘better’ so Justin and I went to Yoko’s for dinner. We only had to wait half an hour for a table! Dinner wasnt really great coz’ I couldn’e bite into anything even a little hard. I had to leave most of my fries untouched.. not the best meal I’ve had. Stupid braces.

The other night, I couldnt sleep coz’ of the braces. All night I kept thinking of why I had to wear them. My teeth werent really bad. i could’ve gotten on in life really fine without having to do this to myself. I just hope I dont have to wear them for too long. Everyone I met had to wear for 2 years or 3 years. I even met someone who wore it for 7 years!! not good news! Where is my pretty china doll face???

Moving on, Movies that I have to watch- Shrek 3.. I loved the movies before and I really hope this one’s good too. but this time I am NOT going with sam. The last time he just sat in the theatre.. he didnt laugh, he didnt even smile!! I cannot watch a movie like that!

Pirates of the Carribean 3– I love Captain Jack Sparrow!

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom– I just want to know why Amitabh B. is dressed like that with a feather in his hat. I really like it. And I want to know why Abhishek looks like a terrorist from Bihar.

But like every other plan i’ve made, this too will probably go down the drain.. I havent watched a single movie in a theatre in the last one year. it was usually because I had no time *thanks to my wonderful profs* and when I was free no one else was. I cant go watch it alone because Im not as pathetic as oscar! 😀

I just want to end with this. This is something I’ve been thinking about.
Your walk with Christ does not depend on how many services you attend during the week, how many Christian books you read, how many songs you’ve written or how many bands you play for. It all just boils down to your relationship with Christ. Do you really know him? He knows you and he wants you to know him.
He wants to give you everything you’ve ever wanted but thought you were unworthy to receive. I know coz’ I’ve been there and I still dont I think deserve anything God has done for me. But he keeps on goving the best no matter what. No one is too good for God. No one is too bad for God. Everyone needs him. Including you and me.