I dont how *halo shining brightly* but I got terribly sick on Wednesday. So sick that I finally went to the Doctor on Friday. People who know me know that I dont go to doctors unless I am sure that I’m going to die!

I couldnt sleep all of Thursday night coz’ my stomach was hurting so bad which led me to consider going to the doctor . I stayed up til all the early morning visitors had gone- the dhobi, the garbage lady etc etc. I finally hit the bed at 10 am to try and get some sleep.. and here’s when I got really mad.. someone calls me at 10.45 am. I have no idea who the person is coz’ they didnt tell me their name..[ you know, the games people play when they call you and say- guess who? Dont you know me? how could you forget me? blah blah.. oh how I hate it!!]

Anyway, the call wasnt even for me! it was for justin.. the person *still unknown* wanted to speak to him!!!! Why call me?? Why wake me up?? I yelled at Justin later even though it wasnt his fault.. *Im turning into a mallu mom*.. and tried to get more sleep. This time I switched off my cell phone… but somehow people just need to talk to me. got a couple more calls and had to drop by my cousin’s place.. So by the time I went to sleep it was 2 something in the afternoon.

The phone calls didnt end there.. I got more. I tried being polite. But i just couldnt. Im surprised my friends still talk to me! But this happens all the time and its starting to get really annoying. Either there is something wrong with my sleeping hours during the day or people just need to fins something better to do

Doctor gave me a couple of pills to take. The problem with me is I can never complete a full course of medication. I always stop within a day or two. I guess I just get bored.
Who knows? One of the mysteries of life…

Last night, I was awake again.. I couldnt sleep coz’ my stomach still hurt and the whole time I kept thinking of how much I missed my mom. I had to talk to them.. even though it was almost 2 am. I sent them a msg and they called back… they sounded so worried and Dad kept telling me to not eat anything from the streets, not eat choclate..I dont know how chocolate is connected with a stomach infection but I loved those three minutes.

And then it was over and I was alone again.All by myself on a big bed in a little room.

It just got me thinking about how I thought I could handle this..about how much I was waiting for mom to leave. I even fought with her an hour before we left for the airport. But now, I miss her so much. I want her back. Having her home means I can be sick in peace.. coz’ she’ll take care of the laundry and the dirty dishes and keeping the house clean. Even when I was dying in pain literally, I was thinking of all the clothes that had to be washed or folded or ironed, the dirty dishes in the sink, the bills that had to be paid.. I never knew it was so hard to be a mom.

Dad needs her too..

 and anyway, I have too much of an ego to ask her to come home.