The wedding’s over. My feel still hurt. I’m still a little high…
But it was so beautiful.. Shirley looked beautiful and Arun looked a little nervous but really happy. And the place was so beautifully decorated.. lol.. I told Shirley’s mom how if I could find a groom there I would’ve gotten married. I had everything I needed.. pastor, a fabulous hall, a ring, the food and some cake.. All I needed was a guy.. lol. I could call my parents later and inform them. 😀

but we laughed so much last night.. It felt so great hanging out with the guys after so long.. we formed our own Gujju rap group [?] and Ishan can come with some of the best Gujju rap that I’ve heard.. Is my attitude so hot you can’t jamwaanu .. (I think ‘jamwaanu’ means swallow or something like that.)

Met a lot of old friends. discovered a new side to a few. (Pranati can drive!! and what in the world was wrong with pithu?!!) Didnt eat too much!!!! yay! I did go pretty nuts over dessert but still not all that bad.

Got back home after 12. I can really get used to not having mom around! its fun!  and I was being responsible. No Alcohol. No driving. I did get a real bad sugar high though.. but that could not be helped.. Its a wedding.

Met Tracy after months. It was just great just talking about everything.. and she gave some godly counsel.. which was something someone else shared a couple of months ago- Guard your heart. Really needed that.. Coz’ I was going a little crazy.. just a little bit. I even managed to scare Ishan.. and we had our first serious convo yesterday.. with more promises made of how we need to hang out more.. lets see if he keeps his promise.

It felt good talking to tracy and i’m really going to miss her..Tracy is a lovely person. She’s this total animal freak. She has 11 cats, I think.. and everything about animals is ‘cute’. She wont even kill a mosquito! Plus, she’s really ‘proper’ and very ladylike. She’s often the butt of jokes. but she’s never offended. I dont think I’ve ever seen her angry. I think what I love most about her is that she will not judge you no matter what and it is so difficult to find someone like that these days.. The funniest story I remember is when Zack convinced Tracy that when people were baptized, they were help under water for a minute or two until Pastor was sure they had died and then they were resurrected when they were brought up out of the water. Old man dies, new man lives etc etc. Tracy totally bought that (She’s really naive) and she was so scared about getting baptized after that! lol.. It was so hilarious!  Good times… she has go to kuwait now and I dont really know when I’ll see her again.. I’m hoping God will surprise us once again and bring her back home. We were even thinking of kidnapping her from the airport but we havent really finalized anything.. i’ll keep you guys informed.

I totally forgot about Mother’s Day.. We had a sweet little celebration in Church. I made sure I wished my mom and she was really touched.  😀  I can be sweet if I want to.
Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers.. Thankyou for what you are, thankyou for all the sacrifices, thankyou for all the love. We love you and God loves you too.
none of my kids have wished me yet! Sheesh….

I’m proud to say that oscar dropped me home last night in his car and I felt really safe for once.. infact he was driving too slowly and I had to keep telling him to speed up.. lol

pithu taught me some chinese when he was acting unusually crazy- ‘Chaichen’ means goodbye.. atleast thats what he told me.. Any Chinese here? i’d like to verify that!

Have a great monday, guys!