I don’t get it. Why do men hit on me? The thing is I’m pretty naive and I dont usually understand if someone is flirting with me. Someone else usually has to come up and tell me what the person actually meant. Its silly. Its stupid. Go find something else to do with your time.
And why do they stare? WHY? I can understand if they find the idea of a 20 something wearing braces absurd and so they stare but why are you staring at me when my mouth is  shut??!!
I was out shopping yesterday and there was this man shopping with his son at the same place and for some reason everytime I passed him, he would look at me. It wasnt the normal look you give a stranger. I cant explain but I think most women understand what I’m talking about.
I hate it. I hate people looking at me. I’m extremely concious of the way I look (most of the time). I usually dont like being the centre of attention. *Oscar, stop laughing*

Note to all random men who look at me for longer than 2 seconds– I can and I will hurt you.. So Stay away.
Im not going to be taken advantage of.. ever again.

Girl power!