Housework is so hard! 

I really appreciate all the work my mom does now.. All I did today was clean the house. Sweeping, wiping, washing, dusting…
I was so tired after all that.. I slept for 3 hours!! and im still tired…
I hate housework..

I went to Crossword yesterday. I love being there. All those books. Those nice seats. i could live there..
I think I’m slowly turning into Lumena.
Someday, when I have a job… and a lot of money.. I will buy Crossword.
um.. Maybe I wont… but I will have my own Library with a fireplace and a really nice chair to sit in and a little fridge stocked with Icecream and chocolate. mmm.. Life sounds so good.

I found “The Namesake” and “Provoked”.I didnt even know they were books before they were turned into movies.. how typical!
 I would have bought them both but I’m scared of what my mom will do to me when she gets back. I bought “Kite runner” instead.

I remember how much i loved books when i was younger.. back when TV didnt rule my life. Thats why i loved India so much coz’ for a very long time I didnt know a single book store in saudi. All I remember seeing were Arabic magazines. India meant going to book stores and getting my hands on whatever I could. Sometimes I’d buy something and then whichever store we went to next I would have nose stuck in it. My mom even suggested that if i finished reading fast enough then we could go and get it exchanged for another one..

Thats a lot of pointless info about me.
Maybe it will be useful someday. Who knows?

oh and dont ever sit in a car with Oscar driving and the rest of the bozos sitting in the backseat. I made that mistake. I was already terrified with the speed that he was driving at and then one of the bozos gets the idea of screaming. All four of them started screaming loudly. Osc hit a hundred. I didnt know coz’ i was too busy screaming at the top of my lungs.. not coz’ I was having fun but because I thought I was going to die. Some people.