I’m having my own little movie marathon. All by myself. Everyone else is too busy.*grrr*  Anyway, just finished watching Gone with the wind. I loved the book and the movie wasnt all that great but it was still much better than KANK. Much much better. I remember telling someone that I’d give anything to marry a man like Rhett Butler. I guess i’m going the Vandana way. lol… She was the one who walked around pretending to be Scarlett.. ok not exactly pretending to be Scarlett… but she loved the book so much that she had to bring it up in most of her discussions.

I have this feeling we’re all slowly turning into Vandana. The first victims have been Eben, Oscar and Me. Eben tells these extremely long and completely pointless stories just like Vandana. After the whole tale of her life, you’re left wondering what she was trying to tell you. For instance, one day she comes up to us and says something like- “X wanted to talk to me about something” Naturally we asked- “What?” Her answer to our question was something like this– “I was busy all day so I couldnt speak to her and when I finished all my work she was nowhere to be found. So, then I went off to sleep.”
Thats all there is. There is no more to this amazing experience. we dont know why X wanted to speak to her. She doesnt know either but she felt extremely obliged to tell us.. lol.. I remember all the times we teased her for the strangest things she said. “I’m 45% male” “people from Jharkand have 90% percent brains” She usually means something totally different from what she said. I think thats where Oscar gets his oscarisms from..

And she has like a major attention deficit disorder.. lol.. which seems to be what I’m suffering from at present. Dont you agree Paras? Have I mentioned how she would not let me pay attention in class.. the professor is going on about something and suddenly vandana would remember something very “important” that she had to tell me.. usually one of her pointless stories. I wouldnt mind if we were sitting on the last bench of the class but we are on the first bench.. right under the prof’s nose. She tells me her entire story and the whole time I’m trying to be polite and listen to her and pay attention at the same time which she makes harder coz’ she insists on making eye contact as she tells me her “important” news.

lol.. I miss her so much. Three years with this odd but really amazing person has given me a lot of memories. I wish things could go back to the way it used to be but everything’s changed and it will never be the same.

Gone with the Wind.