I guess I’m just on a roll here.. the day’s been really really long but I havent blogged in ages.. i had to write something!

What happened during my three week break?

the Abhi-Ash wedding.. it was everywhere you went.. the news, TV, magazines.. even my mom wouldnt stop going on about it!
They’re not gods! they’re plain ordinary human beings who just happen to have really glamorous jobs (does not mean that they’re good at it or anything) who got married.. Get over it! They didnt invite the whole of Bollywood. They didnt invite the media. So what? Did you bother to invite him when you got married?

Getting back to more important things, for example- ME!
I got a haircut.. my hair’s pretty short now. it makes me look young!
ok, I look like im 15. Justin thinks I look like Sanjaya. So does my mom. Cept’ my smile isnt as wide as his. Plus, mine’s much brighter.. thanks to all the glare from my braces!

I miss the mall.

I want to go to saudi to be with Dad… but every time I leave the country, a part of almost dies… ok nothing that dramatic.. but i just would not be able to bear three weeks in saudi after being locked up for three weeks at home.

I am so not waiting for my results. 

I wonder if God would do a ‘creative’ miracle for me… i.e- create answers for me! that would be nice. But the important thing right now is not to think about my exams and enjoy the next 2 months.

I miss College.

I miss Shruti.

I miss the rains. I hate all this heat. its just humid. its not dry heat.. its the sticky kind that makes you mad at everyone around.

I miss life. Felt like it had come to a stand still.

Isnt it terrible what exams do to you?