I’m back.

There is probably a lot more I should add to that..

Finished with my exams yesterday! and the fun’s already begun. Just got back from a church picnic. had a great time, managed to injure my self, survived on veg food all day and I played the role of a mallu wife in a short skit.. I was quite convincing… brought the place down.. 😀  oh and I had a lot of choclates

Which reminds me.. Im going on a liquid diet starting tomorrow.no solids. only liquid. Have to lose weight before Shirley’s wedding,12 days from now. I am so happy for her..

Can’t wait for my wedding.. Although Oscar and Chris already have plans to destroy it. Chris said something about being the flower girl at my wedding and wearing a short dress with his ‘beautiful’ unshaved legs.. I’m not sure what my extended mallu family would think of that?!

Mom’s leaving for Saudi tomo night.. One month of freedom. One month of taking revenge for all that justin has  done to me *evil laugh* One month of running a house all by myself… that would mean cooking, cleaning, shopping for groceries, paying the bills, *groan* but I have been given the “permission” to have my church youth over for worship. Really will be looking forward to that!

Tomorrow, Oscar, Shannon, Chris, Eben and some of the other guys are going for their first mission trip to Ahmednagar District in Maharashtra. Really wish I could go, but its an all guy thing for now. I’ll get my turn later or else… i’ll just bring the place down with my rants on male chauvinism!

Today is maharashtra day.. and since this is the land I love so much-
Jai maharashtra, people!