Sundays are just so fab! I love being in Church… with people I love, worshipping God as a family… I remember the first time I walked into this church, I was amazed coz’ that was the very first time I saw a drummer at church. lol.. and there was a guest speaker that day. I dont even remember his name or what he shared that day. All I knew was that I was coming back for more. After the service, I had random people coming up to me, introducing themselves, giving me a hug, taking my phone number.. It took me weeks to remember most of their names. 🙂
I love the whole feel of being united in Spirit.. Sure we have issues- Some say the music is too loud, others say there arent enough fans, etc etc. but we have one purpose in Christ and thats what brings us together week after week. *We are family*

Today was extra special- Missions Sunday.
Five years ago, a young man came to my pastor with a need. He was in an engineering college in a little taluka outside of Mumbai- Kopergaon. (15 kms from Shirdi)
13 people had a desire to worship God in that village and so, they met weekly..13 sheep without a shepherd. All he wanted was for someone to pastor those sheep.
Our first Mission ground..
Today, we have reached 8 talukas – 47 villages within those 8 talukas in the district of Ahmednagar. There are 7 churches that meet in these areas on a Sunday morning and 44 mid-week meetings are held thruout these 8 talukas. A total of 513 people meet in all.
What started out as small and significant has grown today.. much more than we imagined. Look what the Lord has done.
Today, that young man, Jubin, stood up in church and with tears in his eyes and testified of the faithfulness of God. He left Kopergaon a couple of years ago when he finished his engineering course but the work still continues.

I knew in my heart that even if the church was full with more than 10000 people meeting every Sunday, we would still not be satisfied because compared to 1 billion people in India, 10000 is barely a handful

‘Someone else will do it.’
‘I cant leave all this for that.’
‘I’m called to be a musician and song writer.’
These are excuses we could give but the fact still remains. There’s a nation full of people who are looking for hope, for love, for peace.

I know a God who has the answers.

steping out in Faith,