I was thinking about the post “Family Problems” and it is so much like our lives. Joe, Pazz.. a little help here please..
Hmm.. lets see now…
I am Christine. I have one brother- Justin *didnt have a choice there*.I have two more brothers- Eben and Oscar *these two, I chose* I have 5 children (all adopted)- Marc (my oldest- he’s older than me), Devina, Chhandashree, Adley and Sherin.
In a play, Joel and Esther became Oscar’s parents. So now, because Oscar is my brother, Esther and Joel become my parents but Marc and Esther like each other.. So that means He likes his grandmother.
Pazz and I are in love *blush blush* theres something going on between Justin and Oscar as well.. no one knows what though.. Henrika is married to my brother Justin and he refuses to give her a divorce because its against Christian principles.. So that makes her my sister-in-law  and the aunt to all my children. Henrika is still trying to get a divorce and she has called on Binoy to be her lawyer. We suspect that she had a small affair with him too! *Swoons* Binoy is Oscar’s cousin which makes him my brother too. So my sister in law is cheating on my brother with my brother’s cousin!
But we all know Binoy is serious about Susie (name changed to protect identity) and i recently adopted Susie as well (I have 6 children now) So that means Bintu is Susie‘s uncle.
In another play, Amiel (Adley’s brother) played the role of a young man in love with my mom- Esther! and the next day Amiel played the part of Eben’s wife! So now he’s either my Father-to-be or my sister-in-law..

Phew! This is like the whole cast of the OC or the Bold and the Beautiful.. 😀
I could go on.. but I’m confused and if I do go on i might let out one too many skeletons out of the closet.. hehehe
but you guys are welcome to help me out! lol