Joel’s been complaining coz’ i didnt mention him in an earlier post. *rolls eyes*
So here goes- joel, JOEL, j0el, joelo, jOel,joEl, JOeL, joeL0… there. Happy now?! I’ve mentioned you a nine times in one post!

Guys complain about how difficult it is to understand girls.. WHY? I think it is much harder to understand a guy.. I’m quite easy to understand once you get the hang of it. See, when I say No.. its usually a no that means yes… unless you’re asking me something like- Do you like Spinach? In that case, the No would mean No.
A Yes usually means Yes. It depends on the situation but you can always check again by asking- is that a yes which means no?? If I answer yes to this question, then the yes means yes and if I answer No, the No usually means No. Its always better to check again. Isnt that easy? Course it is..
but I cannot understand guys- for instance, nobody told me that if a guy pulled your cheeks, it meant he was flirting with you!! Why in the world would any guy choose to flirt like that? What is wrong with him? 

I spent some time with Osc, Joel and Eben yesterday.. *this is the 10th time your name’s come up, joe* and i had Dahi puri after ages.. mmmm.. i love Dahi Puri. and then we walked around b’vali for a while and then I went back home.. What an interesting life I lead! *i’m being sarcastic* and the whole time I was with them, they kept discussing their nations! *yawn* For those of you who dont know, Oscar and joel have their own nations online and right now, its a very difficult time for them coz’ their nations are at war.. They need aid and no one seems to want to help them.. *ahahahhahaha*

I’ve also been wasting my time on Myspace. I have a total of 10 friends!*yawn*
I’m so tired of all these social networking sites. I think I’ve made enough friends to last a lifetime.. Think of all the money spent on phone calls, birthday gifts/cards,birthdat=y treats.. and.. um.. other ways that friends leave with you no money.

I’m kinda getting tired of Orkut.. I’ll probably value Orkut more when my vacations begin. Mumbai Mirror hasnt put up anymore articles on Orkut… hmm.. I wonder why..

Thats about it.