I woke up this morning hearing the news that my friend had lost his Dad. I havent even called him yet because I don’t know what to say. What could I say that could make him feel better? What do i do if he starts crying over the phone?
I was thinking about death and the impact it has on people over the past week. They leave and you try in vain to fill up their place with other people, hobbies, music,work.. all for nothing coz’ at the end of the day they are still on your mind.
I’ve always prayed that I wouldn’t lose any family member. If anyone had to go, let it be me. Maybe thats the most selfish prayer ever made but I cant imagine what life would be without them. I’m so dependent on the people around me and family means a lot to me. I have been let down by too many friends to completely trust someone but family..They’re there even when you dont want them around. You stick together through everything. They’re the ones who see you in your worst moments and still bother talking to you. They’re the ones who know you inside out. I wouldnt last one day without them.

If someone has to go.. let it be me.