An update on whats been in my happening in my life-

Firstly, I went to bed last night, disgusted wth the Indian cricket team.. They lost to Bangladesh. A really really pathetic game. It was almost like they were too bored of “winning” that they thought of letting someone else win this time! sheesh. Bangladesh played a superb game. What a treat to watch.. I think I’m going to join my friends from church and cheer for South Africa and Bangladesh 😀

My first paper is on Saturday. I’m not freaking out yet.. thankfully.. but my friends are. I need a lot of grace for this one.

LaMar boschman is coming to Mumbai for the Ascend 07′ conference on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th of april. I am so excited. Ever since I heard him speak on the wonder of worship.. I cant wait..
Plus there is a little surprise for all those who come to church on Easter sunday.. Woohoo!!!

I’m so glad my exams are not in the way of anything.. They finish just in time to usher in the month of May. Picnics, youth camps, Mission trips and even a wedding… I’m going to be on my feet the whole time!! 😀

Got a lot of things on my mind. I am so excited with what God has planned for the future. Being challenged to live something more than an ordinary life. A life that’s god-breathed, God-inspired…. Completely for my Maker. Not just Sundays but every moment of every day.

God’s good.
Does anything else matter?