My current state of mood- cannot be described. I dont know what Im going through. Sometimes I wonder if i’m going insane. I’ve been having the weirdest thoughts/dreams.. I dont know if I’m awake or asleep when I see them. I’ve had the craziest of mood swings.. Suddenly i’m all excited about the stupidest thing and then the next minute I’m upset again. I feel disconnected from everything- Church, College, Family, Friends. My only connection with the outside world is this screen in front of me. Sometimes I’m scared. Of myself. Of the future because of how uncertain it seems.
I miss all the things in my life that meant stability. So much has changed over the past yr.. I miss being a little kid when all that mattered was having loads of toys and loads of friends to share it with. Not to much to worry about. Not too much to cry over.
I keep looking back and I find mistakes. Mistakes that made me look stupid. Just like me to be worried over something that made me look silly five years ago.

Right now, what i’m most upset about is that a friend didnt call me.

Whats happening?