I thought this was a free country. It was the last time I checked.. Then, why are we not allowed to speak our minds??

Today’s news- “Students debarred for criticizing college on net. These students posted critical and derogatory remarks about the College and the principal on the popular Social networking site Orkut and they were debarred from entering their classroom and allowed to enter only after they had apologized and removed the material from the site.”

Why?? Why should they have to go thru that? Just coz’ they’re adults and they have an opinion of their own? I’m not saying that its ok to walk around slandering colleges and other such institutions. What Im trying to say if people do, let them do it. Why make it such a huge crime?! Freedom of Speech?!!

My friend lost a job coz’ the company she applied to found something they didnt like on her blog. I dont know what they found that was so wrong.. I didnt see anything. I think its ridiculous!

I know what its like to walk around not allowed to speak out my opinion and keep it all bottled inside. It could drive you insane. If students want to discuss their grievances then let them! Why not take it as constructive criticism and try to improve?

I got an email from someone saying that was a community on Orkut started by Pakistanis about how much they hate India and the email requested that we immediately go and report the community as bogus so that they could shut it down..
As much as I love my country, I also appreciate that people have the right to say what they want. It could be the truth. It could be a lie. It could be anything. But they still have a right to say it. I believe in freedom. Freedom for all.

p.s- Still not allowed to talk! 😀