I couldnt sleep most of last night coz’ I was coughing so bad. My mom decided that since 6 days of her treatment had done me no good now would be a good time to go to the Doctor.
I dont like doctors. I dont know why. I just dont like anyone examining me. You know, the whole-open your mouth, breathe in, breathe out, now watch me shine a light into your eyes etc. I dont like all of that. I dont remember ever taking a full course of medicine. The last time I had been to a doctor was 2 or 3 years ago and that was something serious not something silly like a sore throat.
Anyhoo, today was almost like a family picnic. Justin drove us to the clinic. My mom kept trying to “instruct” him from the backseat.. Oh, how I hate backseat drivers!!! The doctor was a really sweet old lady and after her checkup, she told me I was not allowed to talk. Not a single word! She wouldnt even let me say ‘OK’ to whatever she was saying. Well, i kept shut in her clinic but once I got home I had to talk. How long could I communicate using just my hands and eyes??!!!
But I have a feeling mom will complain the next time I visit and so I choose to shut up… for as long as I can.

*sigh* This is going to be a huge challenge!!! Please do me a favor and dont call me!