I got a lot of phone calls yesterday.. People just love me too much I guess. But it was mostly one sided conversations or just long awkward silence..

Lumi didnt kill me yet for any of the stuff I said about her or the pic I put up! yay!! thankies Lumi!

I want to learn a new languauge.. I dont know why. I just do. Like Japanese or Korean or an African language. wouldnt that be cool! Now, how do I convince my mom that this is a good idea? hmm…

I want to learn Dancing… I love dancing. as most of you know. But I cant dance in public.. unless there is ‘Crazy kiya re’ orsome Himmesh Reshammiya song¬†playing.. *blech*

I started this post coz’ I was bored but now I’m too bored to write!

Such is life.