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To Lumichan,


I love what my friend Lumena wrote as a testimonial for me on Orkut (something like Facebook). It took me back to the first time I met her. I remember thinking that she looked really innocent with those big green eyes and that lovely hair.. I quickly learnt that looks can be very deceiving.. She is anything but innocent! She’s insanely annoying at times, has an amazing vocabulary, has lovely green eyes that flash with terrifying rage if you say anything against Anime, Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings. She can speak japanese. I dont know how and I dont know why. She reminds me of a cat.. she’s that lazy! 🙂 She writes really well and I wish she’d start her own blog but she’s just too lazy!!!! I still love her though!

Here’s what she said about me-

Christine……hmmm, no wait……I’m sure I can write a lot…….I think…..I’m pretty sure……oh, bugger! Hmmm, how about a bunch of Christine related words?LOUD
Mental…no wait…that’s already there
Loud…..this one too
um….there’s more
Innocent(to the extent that I just wanna bonk her on the head her sometimes)
Has a serious sweet tooth

Believe these are just a FEW of the words that can be associated with Christine. She’s one of the most interesting people I know and also my very first friend in college. Oh and she also knows practically everyone in college….seriously….just try walking around with her…she knows way too many people. But anyway, I still love you, even with all your er…interesting aspects.
And thank you for tolerating me for so long….I know it aint easy.

Still croaking,

           Lumi and Her man.. ahahahahahahahha.. she’s going to kill me for this!


Isn’t it strange how people suddenly call you when you cant make a sound.. I got quite some calls today and its only 1 in the afternoon. I dont know how many people will suddenly have the urge to call and ask how I’m doing..
I cannot speak. I can croak and whisper but most of the time I’m the only one who can understand what I’m talking about…I sound terrible. I was fine yesterday.. until I had to sing at church. I sang so “well” that I lost my voice and then for the rest of the songs I stood with the mike in my hand and pretended to sing. I must have done a pretty good job coz’ nobody seemed to notice. I’ve decided now would be a good time to learn sign language. i’ve already started using it with my mom. She’s highly amused at this situation and she says I’m being punished for making fun of the way she sings. *mumble grumble mumble*

I’m so at peace right now. Last week was really tough on the whole family. My grandma got sick and she and my grandfather are all alone in kerala with no one to take care of them. Naturally everyone went into full panic mode. I’m just glad God doesnt get worried the way we do. He took care of the whole situation. Just to remind us that we dont have to worry about any situation especially when we are sitting miles away and cant do a thing. And there were many more things like that this week. I’m surprised I didnt go insane but God just took care of everything. Just like I knew he would! He has never let me down!!!! 😀

I’ve been reading ‘Gone with the Wind’ all day. I love the story although I wish it would go a little faster.I seem to have a found Rhett Butler in my life. lol.. He thinks so differently from the way everyone else does.*It can get very annoying* He’s a strange strange man and most of the time I cannot understand a word he’s saying! 

What I’d really like to do right now is sing at the top of my voice.. lol.. I think my brother is very very happy right now. He’s just jealous coz’ I’m prettier than him. 😛

I’m quite happy right now and not even the fact that I cannot make a sound remotely close to anything human, can make me unhappy. 😀

Full of joy,