There is something about the night tine that really appeals to me. Soft moonlight, twinkling stars.. countless numbers of them looking down at me from above. One such night, I looked up at these beautiful little twinkling bodies and God reminded me of Abraham. God told him to look up at the sky one night and he promised him descendants as countless as the stars. Now that is huge for a 75 year old man who doesnt even have one child! Not even one. If I were in Abraham’s place, pessimist that I am, I would have laughed or I’d very humbly listen to what God said and then ask my friends every half hour- Did God really mean that? Maybe he meant something else.. Abraham could have thought- Yeah right, like that’ gonna happen,I’m 75. 75 is OLD. My wife.. She’s pretty but she’s too old too.. and you’re talking of millions of descendants! No way!
But Abraham chose to believe. he chose to trust God. He looked at those stars each night andhe thought- Wow! My descendants as many as that!! He probably spent hourse every night just trying to count them… 3215,3216,3217…
That faith stood the test of 25 years. He was 100 years old when Sarah gave birth to Isaac. Today, we have the whole nation of Israel known as the descendants of Abraham.

Maybe God promised you something and you forgot about the in the long wait. Go back to those promises and choose to trust God. When God decides to make a promise he means to keep it!

So, what are your plans for tonight? Wanna come star gazing with me?