My fever seems to be getting better. Thankyou for praying Mom!!
I’m glad. It was getting so bad, at night I kept thinking of how if I went out of India to study I’d be all alone and I’d have no one to take care of me. Scary thought. I never really knew how crazy people could get when they’re sick

Yesterday, for the first time I saw the video of the song “Crazy Kiya Re” and now i know why people hate it so. It was utterly pathetic. Aishwarya’s dance moves were awful. They were so rigid. I think she was more concerned about how she could dance and make sure that the tiny strip of cloth would not fall off. I think I like the Britney Spears version- “You drive me crazy” . I still love the music but I wouldnt watch the song/movie even if you paid me!! ok.. maybe if you paid me a million $$ but I should be allowed to sleep in the theatre if I want to.
Indian cinema is going downhill I think. The story line is pretty much the same- guy loves girl, girl loves guy, they’re waiting for their happily ever after. It is wrapped in a  different plot- either they’re big thieves or the girl is actually married to someone else or will be married soon or the guy is a strange superhero. Occasionally they add the killer disease for more tears. Add a couple of actresses with minimal clothing and there you have the perfect indian movie. Losers!
Dont ask me why i watch it.. I dont know myself.

My college was featured on Mtv last night. Saw a lot of people I know from the hostels. They were asked to complain about the hostels, the food, the rooms, their roomies…Cyrus went inspecting all the rooms and he discovered book shelves being used as shoe racks, beds being used as cupboards and even a study table without a chair which explains why there isnt much studying going on. There was even one guy who was sitting in his underwear. why? Coz’ he feels “free”. yeah.. Never talking to him!
Drove myself crazy laughing.. I love Cyrus!!!! and I love my college!!