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To the girls!

Silly me, i forgot!

Happy Woman’s Day!



I wait and watch
hope you’ll look this way
but you’re so caught up
in your perfect little world.
So I turn the other way
The cuts are deep
The bruises show
though I try
to hide
they just dont go
when will I be rid of
this haunting fear
the nagging pain
the tears that have
no place to go
Where do I run
Where can I hide
You’re everywhere
I look
I want to run
I want to hide
but you’re
I look

Im better now. I cant stay upset for too long. Life’s too short. 🙂
I still have a fever, so I’m taking some much needed rest.. From problems, my books, Worrying, regrets. Nothing like a headache and high temperature to get you thinking of happier things.
So, why was I upset? lol. I wish I knew myself. So many answers to one simple question. I dont even know where to begin. maybe I’ll write about it when the pain’s no longer there.. whenever that is.

So, thats it.. I just wanted to let you guys know I’m ok. Still “sane”. 🙂


I dont have much to say.. Coz I dont really know what i am going thru at present.
Yesterday, I had a long conversation with Eben *im pretty surprised he’s still talking to me* and all I kept saying was that “All men are evil”. I’m just so tired of being taken advantage of. I cant take it anymore. I refuse to be a doormat to any man nor let any guy take me on the emotional rollercoaster ride of my life. I also told Eb that I would never marry and that I wouldnt attend his wedding because it went against my *new* principle of staying single all my life. The good brother that he is, He asked me to pray. I dont think he knew what else to say. So yeah, Thats my current state of mind. I’m not making a single new male friend because I’m tired of it. I have too many guy friends as it is according to some people. I dont want any more Female friends either coz’ the ones I have now are quite a handful and I do not want to go thru the whole procedure of being someone else just so that the new person would like me. This is me.I’m not always nice. I struggle with the most basic things. I’m silly, I act immature most of the time and I can get really judgemental. If I ignore you outside its probably coz’ Im judging you.. Everything that you are.. from the way you speak to the clothes you wear.Im checking to see whether you measure up to my standards.

This is getting too depressing so ill leave you all with something better to think about. I found 2 great posts on my morning walk thru the blogs- Beni and Red both have something important to say. These posts have really given me something to think about and I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

I’m off. Hopefully I’ll be in a better mood when i get back.
I’m also quite feverish and maybe thats why I have these crazy thoughts running thru my head.