Quite overwhelmed by what’s been happening recently.. Its left me in a strange state.. There are times when im so happy that no one would notice a thing. But inside, I feel a  huge weight, a sense of guilt for some reason.. But thru it all I’ve found that God really does give rest to his beloved.
Don’t worry. Its not about the weight thing. Last thing on my mind right now! 😀
I feel like my life’s turning into a big question and I need to find answers.. except that God doesnt always answer the way I expect him to.. There’s a lot of uncertainty on the road ahead, a lot of dark corners, a lot of doors. So, Im still praying.
Im slowly learning to value God’s word because He has been speaking to me in a very special way. Again, not necessarily the way I want to. He’s teaching me simple yet powerful lessons like picking up the Bible when im low instead of picking up the phone. He’s teaching me to wait for everything.. A very hard lesson coz’ all my life I got everything I wanted.. really fast. I had to have it immediately or else I would bring the house down. My dear parents did set limits sometimes and at as i lay in bed that night.. My childish mind would think thoughts of revenge. But now, He’s teaching me that Waiting for something is good. Even if its something you really want. Even if its meant for you. Wait!
So apart from being on an emotional rollercoaster.. Its a good time… I know its in times like these that He really builds Character. So, Im holding on and Im not letting go.. no matter what!