Today has been disturbing. Got some not-so-good news quite early in the morning and it left my whole family quite drained. But before I left for college, I prayed that God would keep my cup of Joy full for today… and he did! He kept me joyful all day. He made sure I came home to a mom who wasnt upset or worried.
I’m learning the importance of prayerand the power it has. I could be sitting miles away from you and yet understand your pain by simply praying for you. Its amazing how people connect thru prayer! 
And so I pray.. coz’ I know that prayer can work wonders. I’ve won all of my battles down on my knees. 

There is something within.. that I wish I had the courage to speak out but even if I did.. I know it isnt time yet.

This post seems really vague… its supposed to be.
And yet, I wish I could say what’s on my heart. 

Waiting for His time,