I really wish they would leave me alone. I have enough problems.. And I would really appreciate not being reminded all the time.
Why is it so hard? Either its my mom or its some random guy that I’ve met once or twice in my whole life or its someone from Church.. Why? Why cant they just leave me alone??
I know Im fat! I’m sorry.. Forgive me! What do you want me to do? Turn Anorexic? Well, I sure am considering it!
I cant lose weight overnight.. So stop reminding me every waking moment of my life.

 I was really happy in Church.. Really felt God speaking thru His Word and everything.. and then BAM! ” oh, why are you putting on so much weight?”
…Coz’ I love answering your questions every week!!! What do you think????????

and surprisingly all the people who have been saying this are fat.. really fat!!
Notice- Speck… LOG !!!

 Just too upset right now.
In no mood to give a stupid exam tomorrow!