No.. the title has nothing to do with the post.. just had the song running thru my head.. Dhoom machale Dhoom machale Dhoom..

ok.. My exams are not going too well. The first one was fine but today.. It was terrible!!! I just sat there.. played around with my cell phone, took pictures, send messages, then left coz I couldnt bear looking at that paper!!!

So what I’ve learnt is that I have a lot to study before my BIG exam.. A lot.. And by God’s grace I will do it.. Everything is under control, right?

An interesting incident- I was in the train studying and I was studying so hard that I passed the station that I was supposed to get off at. And then I had to take a cab to college.. Sheesh.. This is why I should not be allowed to travel alone.. Its hazardous to my wallet’s health.


Dhoom machale Dhoom Machale Dhoom..
Somewhere, I know Oscar is banging his head on his computer screen  😀
Come on you people.. Dhoom machaleeee…