I think the whole of Mumbai didnt have electricity for a couple of hours today.. Weird!! But it took me back to the night of the floods two years ago. That was some night! And if prophecies are to be taken seriously *and they are* we should be expecting more of those. S-c-a-r-y!! but one thing I’m sure of and that is no matter what.. God’s with me..

On the 26th of July, 2005, I got off the train on my way back from College greeted by heavy rain. my friend Marc offered to wait with me til I got my bus. We were waiting and trying to protect ourselves (in vain) from the heavy rain and we see our friends coming towards us. They were in the train because they stayed a couple of stations away.. But there was too much water on the train tracks and so the trains couldnt move ahead! And since they had no way to get home.. I offered them comfort of my home and one of them Sam decided to come with me and wait til the rain stopped. My other friend wanted to get home and took a bus.

So, Sam and I took the bus at 3.30pm. We got in and the bus moved out of the stop onto the main road and then stopped coz’ there was way too much traffic. I called Mom and told her Sam and I would be there soon for lunch. And we waited for the bus to start moving.

We waited like that til 1.30 am! The rain just would not stop.. not even for a minute and so we waited. The bus was packed with people who just wanted shelter from the rain. That was one time I felt really really grateful for having Sam with me. Who would be afraid with a huge, 6 foot tall, boxer.. No man would dare to even look at me!

In the bus, I jumped from one mood swing to the next.. One minute I was all excited and giggling and talking and the next minute I was silent or crying.. I remember being angry with God because he wouldnt stop the rain.

but God was so faithful, He actually sent people with food for us.. We were so starved.. and we had no idea then how much we would need it later.

We couldnt sleep in the bus coz’ we were scared of being robbed and we stayed awake waiting for some sign that the skies would shut their gates. All communication with family and friends had ended much earlier. I had no idea if Marc had reached home or where my brother was.. (he hadnt reached home the last time I spoke to my mom)

The rain stopped around 1.. We left the bus..glad to be able to stretch out legs and began the long walk home.. There was no Electricity in the entire city.. The only lights were from torches and from the buses.. All modes of transport had stopped.. I saw people on foot trying to get home. We soon learnt that there was no way we could get to my place.. Water had risen above the head for an average man.. I would not stand a chance!

We decided to walk to sam’s place.. Atleast three railway stations away. We walked through that horrible waist-deep water.. I didnt want to think about what I was walking through. I knew I would have puked. I just held on to Sam’s big hand and hoped for the best.. Praying the whole time.

As we were walking, there were places with no lights at all and I dont even remember there being a moon that night and yet I felt like God was shining some spotlight or something on us. The place was really bright.. I have no idea how. Reminded me of how God took care of the Israelites in the desert. Fire by day, Cloud by night.

We walked like that pushing that against the water for almost four hours! And we made it to Sam’s place around 5 am.. What a night!

If I go through something like that again..

I just hope that God will prepare me for it..

This has to be the longest post I’ve ever written.. Sorry if you fell asleep half way thru!