I am so excited right now! I feel like im finally getting things in order.. My life had gotten too disorganized! I finally got myself a planner.. I have charted in elaborate detail how the whole of today is *supposed* to go.. I am also making a list of all the food I eat. If I can see what I’m eating then it will get easier to start eating right! Another thing I noticed was that I was spending money unnecessarily.. So, I’ve decided to note down the amount of money I spend daily and to start saving up..
So far.. Its going great.. I know its only been 3 hours but hey.. thats good too isnt it??

Its great to see that Diana’s back.. Or should I say the new and improved Diana.. She got herself a new blog and im looking forward to hearing.. um.. reading her take on life!
p.s- She is one of my favorite bloggers too..

Now that I’m done boasting and advertising 🙂 .. Ill be off!

Go spread some of that Contagious Joy.. What else you going to do with it??