Someone found my blog while looking for ‘moose lawn tractor’!!!! how weird is that?!! As far as I remember I’ve not written a single thing about lawns or tractors or anything like that.. I don’t think i’ve mentioned flowers either!! I hate flowers!!! Except daisies.. that’s coz they look so happy all the time šŸ˜€

So i tried studying today.. It seems so hard now.. especially since I’ve lost touch with it..Ā šŸ˜€Ā But I seem to be making someĀ progress. The words on the book are starting to make sense!

Yesterday was Valentine’s day.. Yeah I know.. Some news flash! lol
This might sound weird to many of you but we had Police protection in College! That’s because there are some political parties that take offense to celebrating Valentine’s Day.. Almost every year, they break gift shops and set fire to cards and other typical V-Day gifts. One year, they even threatened to get any couple they found on the streets married. hahaha!!
I find all this completely hilarious.. celebrating Valentine’s day seems like a complete waste of money and time!! Maybe I’d feel better if I had someone special to share it with it.. *thinks for a while* No.. I’d still think it was a waste of money! Why just haveĀ oneĀ day in the whole year to celebrateĀ your love! And especially when everyone else in the whole world seems intentĀ on celebrating it too!Ā how boring!
So yesterday I, along withĀ most of my friends,Ā celebrated Independence Day!!

Now that I’m done ‘expressing’ myself.. Ill get back to doing something productive

But ill leave you with this quote-Ā 

Always remember- The number of people watching you is directly proportional toĀ the stupidity of your action!