So, my exams were really really bad.. but my professors have been kind enough to let us all have another go at it! *not being sarcastic* Which is really great coz now I am motivated to study!!! lol
I was going through my Abnormal Psych book trying to study the Chapter on Schizophrenia and there were  a whole lot of thoughts that ran thru my mind.. It must be so scary to not know the difference between what is real and what isnt.. To be shunned by people.. People who you thought loved you and cared for you..
You cant really blame the family for staying away from them.. It can get really difficult. I wouldnt want to be in their shoes either.
It brings me to the question of ‘Why’. Why do they have to go thru this? Sickness and death is still something I dont quite understand and it hurts to see people go thru anything like this.
I’d appreciate your thoughts on this- whatever they are..

I’m still a learner and I’m glad I can always remain one when it comes to God!