I was watching this ad on TV about this guy- the luckiest guy on earth according to the ad. He stands next to a car and the owner just gives him the key to the Car! He’s out jogging with his wife/girlfriend and they pass by this beautiful house and the owner says- This is your house from this day on! The ad is about how not everyone is that lucky and we have to work for our own wealth.. Some mutual funds thing..
But i was thinking about was how much we are like that young man.. God gives us so much.. His blessings cannot be counted or measured. Every moment is a blessing from God! I can always count on Him to bring a smile on my face.. no matter what!
And like that young man in the ad, we dont even deserve it. We really dont! Sometimes I am far from grateful for most of those blessings. But they still keep coming. Its hard to understand because all of my life I have been taught about being fair and how you must earn your blessings. Thats the way the world works.

God’s world is so upside down, so completely crazy.. I love it. I love the way he works..

I better get back to studying now! 😀

Be blessed