Yesterday is finally over. We had been planning a surprise for Paras and Marc for days.. Sruggling with ideas, a place to hang out, FOOD!, gifts.. I couldnt sleep at night coz I was either thinking and worrying about something or too excited to sleep. but thankyou to all the people who made this possible and who tolerated all my worrying! 😀
The party was fantastic and we had two very surprised birthday boys- Paras and Marc! You should have seen their faces!!! lol. Yesterday was loads of fun..
It was also my last day in College. Im really going to miss the place. i’ve spent four years of my life always knowing this day would come but still not prepared when it did! I’ve had the greatest memories here, the best of friends.. an amazing time getting to know myself, my talents, abilities, how annoying I can be!! And how inspiteof all of that my friends still tolerate me and love me! hehehe

I love what Paras had to say.. you had us all laughing. Especially Joshua! The post was really really sweet.. I never thought we’d ever be friends. But im glad that we are.. You mean a lot to me and like i’ve always said.. I really love your hugs! 🙂
Eben had so much to tell me..I couldnt say a word..
In the 2 years that we’ve known each other, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about this day but we were still so unprepared. I feel like I hadnt said a lot of what i wanted to say. Like time’s run out.. You’ve been my best friend, my punching bag, my agony aunt.. the closest friend and brother I’ve had. Im so grateful for these last 2 years. we’ve been thru lots but it was all worth it!

And its been like that with all of you. You have all been there for me when i needed to complain or cry or laugh or just act plain stupid. Ill never forget our crazy train journeys.. all the plans we made.. Some of them took off.. some  of them.. Its happening!!
 Tolerated me for 2 years! Thankyou so much for 4 great yrs in college!

Steppin out into a new world,

Pics from Last year..

Memories with the greatest people in the world        

Waiting for Delirious?

Bollywood all the way!

*ahem* Joshua

In the chapel- Traditional day

Dont they look adorable?