– You cant study much the night before an Exam
– I have a looooot of studying to do before my University Exams
– ‘Crazy kiya re’ can annoy people if you sing it long enough
– ‘Crazy Kiya re- song and dance’ in the canteen annoys people faster
– Radio Rocks!
– You cant study much while listening to the Radio.
– You cant study much in the College canteen.
– There is no point to examinations.
– Frooti and Chocolates do not classify as Breakfast.
– Milkmaid Gola is yummy!!
– Too much Milkmaid on Gola can lead to weight gain..
– Sand in shoes.. Annoying
– Im predictible
– Orkut is addictive!
– The internet is adictive!!
– My friends are the best in the world!!!!
– God is awesome!

These are some interesting lessons I’ve learnt.. some of them are not too useful. Oh well!
Life’s good.. And for once Im not complaining..
All you need is some Contagious Joy.. 😀