I have my exams coming up on ‘Moan’day.. *sigh*. Does everyone hate the exams as much as I do?
I havent started to study.. Im still trying to finish my journal..
This year is really scary for me.. Coz I know everyone has a lot of expectations from me. And Im really scared. I dont want to let anyone down. My family, my professors, my friends.. God!! Its hard for me..

These last 2 weeks have been rough… coz suddenly there seems to be a lot of tempting situations knocking at my door.. and im scared Ill give in.. and i know its downhill for me if I do..

I need to pray a lot and im not! I know I should.

I miss my friends.. I really really mis them.. My last few weeks in College.. *sigh* I love my college.Very very much. So much that even when I dont have a single lecture.. I still go to College.. and just sit there!! *sigh* That is one great college.. Made a lot of friends.. Laughed a lot, fought a lot, Bunked a lot of lectures, prayed too! Had the best time of my life!

my random thoughts end here..
Im still thinking.. I’d just rather not put it down here! hehehe