I slept for 2 and a half hours last night! I was up til 3 trying to finish a project long overdue.. Yes yes.. i know.. I should be more responsible blah blah blah.. Anyway, i slept for a very short period of time coz i had to be up by 5:30 to get dressed for College. *sigh*

But it was worth it. After getting thouroughly irritated with everyone around me (not taking any names now) I finally gave it in…

The Delirious? fever is catching on!! We are considering going there atleast 2 or 3 early hoping to be able to get a good spot. Although, I do agree *somewhat* to what my professor said about not letting other people become ‘mini gods’ in my life… I still want to be able to see something! 😀

Sheila wrote me the best testimonial ever. It is so sweet and i know she really means it. I really miss her. We were the best of friends.. we had the craziest time together.. we did the weirdest things.. got caught bunking lectures.. and got into a whole lot of trouble as well.. laughed, fought, cried, Shopped!! those wer awesome times..

 Sheils and me                                 Sheila         

 The first one is Sheila, me and her umbrella ‘Brr’

Thats Sheila with Sam’s cat- Survivor

Here’s what she wrote for me-
Anyway, we met in school in the ninth std. She was your typical geek “NRI” (non- residential Indian) who was scared of everything from crossing roads to learning marathi to the bullies in our school specially ME! 🙂 but somehow things changed after the tenth.We became the BEST of friends. We shopped together,ate together, went gymming together, made fools of ourselves together without a care in the world, bunked classes together and went to pizza hut and juhu beach (those of you who know her now will not believe this but its true…she made me do it! and boy were we in oodles of trouble when our folks were called 😀 ) Anyway,life has taken us our separate ways. We dont talk much now and rarely see each other but I REALLY miss all the fun times we’ve had. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again youre my favouritest (not to mention healthiest….i said healthy not fat! 😛  ) best friend ever!Thank you for putting up with my mood swings and being the chirpy funny idiot tht u are. Mwwwwwaaaaah.

Sheila- You have been the best girl friend i have ever had. After we drifted apart, I tried to fill your place with others.. but.. No. That place will can always ONLY belong to you!! Love you so much. You’re still the Maid of Honour at my wedding! And You’re still my best shopping buddy… 😀

just 24 hours left for the Delirious Concert!!!! Woohoo!!!