I havent written a single post in this new year!!
Well.. lets see. We had a fantastic New Yr Service in Church. Loads of fun but most importantly it was great to hear what God had planned for us this coming yr. His plans sure sound good!!
The stress of my big exam is finally getting to me! I have *started* to study! God help Me!!!! It doesn’t help that people have so many expectations from me! Heck.. I have so many expectations from me! I need a miracle!!!!
I was thinking about this past year. I made a whole lot of new friends in class. People I thought I would never talk to.. turned out to be the nicest friends I could ask for.
I sometimes wonder if I’m the only one.. I cant relate to them sometimes.. I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb! When they talk about boyfriends, parties, drinking, sex, gossip…. blah blah. I feel really lost. I just cannot relate! I just sit there silent wondering what to do. I try to think of other things.. of a long time ago when these things actually interested me. But it was too long ago. 5 yrs!! And I dont want to go back. I’m not saying I’m better than them or anything. I know I’m not. These are some of the most talented and the sweetest people I know. And yet.. somehow I cannot connect.

I better get back to my ’studying’.

May this yr bring us closer to God and closer to his people!

God bless!