Today was such an awesome day. The meetings were fabulous. Im so refreshed!!

What I learnt today really got me excited.. Here’s why-I always thought that it is the Holy Spirit who gives me what belongs to the Father. I didnt read carefully.. The Holy Spirit doesnt give me what belongs to the Father and the Son, He makes it known to me, He reveals it to me. Its up to me to take it or not. (John 16:14,15) Cool eh?
My hour has come to take what is mine and to walk in the power of Christ. The anointing that the disciples had to raise the dead, heal the sick with just their shadow didnt die with them..its there even today!! Because the One who anoints still lives!
This year I choose to believe that God will work signs, wonders and miracles thru me. Not because I have any special abilites or talents but because the power of the Creator God lives in me!!
Woohoo! 2007, Here I come!!!

Im not going to live in the past. I live in the here and the now.. carrying in my heart a hope for my future. My failures and defeats will not live on. My hurt and shame will pass away. What remains is the purpose and the will of God for my life! And what a glorious one it is!!!!

No time to lose. Time’s running short. If I have to see the life changing power of God work thru me, I better get down on my knees!

My hour has come. You better believe it!

Your hour is here too.. if you believe.