For the past two days, I have been really upset with my brother. He didnt do anything.. its  just the way he gets treated around the house.
He got a license just a week or two ago.. and he’s already driving everywhere. I ave had a license for the past year and a half and my mom doesnt let me touch the car. I get to sit next to her and be silent so that I wont disturb her while driving. That is so unfair. I also noticed how he never did anything around the house. His daily routine- Eat, TV, Computer, Drive, Eat, TV, Computer, Read, Eat, TV, Eat, TV, Eat, Sleep. Notice -No helping around the house at all. So, today, <after sulking the whole of yesterday> I decided that I should do something about it. (My mom wasnt about do anything anytime soon) I asked.. (ok ordered) him to sweep the house. Both my mom and dad came to his rescue saying that he cant do anything that would make him sneeze. ARGH! How lame is that. So finally I did it!! And my mom in her attempt to make me feel better [?!] said soomething like.. in our house I do all the work.. dad doesnt do much. Its a girl’s job.. Where in the world does it say that? The Bible? The secret Rule Book every Indian Married couple lives by???!!! My response to that was- If my husband doesnt do a thing at home, im sending him back to his mother’s place!!! 
Oh well….

I have been to the mall twice in the last week and each time we shopped for quite a large sum.. hehehe.. I bought makeup.. Im not giving you the exact amount.. somewhere over 5000 Rs.. way over 5000 Rs. My mom was not too pleased (i let her use some of it today!!) My Dad doesn’t know…yet 😀  

Tomorrow, Ill be at a youth meeting all day. Shyju Mathew will be speaking.. im not sure on what..Lol.. but I’m really believing God to move..

I’ve been having the strangest dreams lately.. and the worst thing is I dont remember anything when I wake up.. I hate it when that happens.

College in 3 days!!! *groan*

2 days left for 2007.. Woohoo!!!!