This week has been so ‘christmassy’. All the lights and the tress and the stars etc etc. I only wish we had snow.. We had our Annual College Christmas Function this tuesday and this was the first time I attended. It was really nice! First, they had these really adorable kids from St. Columba High School come up on stage dressed up like christmas trees and snowmen with a choir of more adorable little kids to back them up. They even had a Mary and a Joseph! They were so adorable.. Reminded me of how much I love kids and how I really really want to have my own… ill have to wait a long time for that… So anyway, after that we had the Christmas carol competition and we won!!!! woohoo!!! All thanks to Marc!! He did an amazing job with the choir! we also put up a dance on the song ‘Light of the World’.. well done guys. you were all so good!! I got home at a quarter to 12! hehehe.. but my mom wasnt upset (thank you Jesus!)

I was at Eben’s place this week and I met Nathan again like after a year. He is so cute!!! He still remembered me (i have no idea how) and he kept laughing and jumping and playing with me like we were old friends!! lol. (Oscar, I just have a way with kids.. unlike you 😀 ) Ruby was her usual crazy self. I really need to spend more time with her! All her mallu jokes! lol

Someone told me that I write like the psalmist.. you know the whole Let my enemy’s head be dashed upon a rock thing.. haha! that really made me laugh! i had no idea that was what I sounded like!! lol

I have been sick all this week. Still sick.

here’s  a link to my photos.. ill put up more soon