I love December! It is such a beautiful month. Everything about.. The nice chilly weather.. the free lectures,holidays, Carols, Snow? ( I can hope, cant I?).. I especially love the holidays and the free lectures. For the past 3 weeks I’ve been having at least one weekday off. Yesterday happened to be a holiday.. some nation wide strike! To me, it means I can sleep in late! 😀 and It also means SHOPPING!!!!!
Lol! I dragged my mom along to InOrbit Mall and I shopped..(not too much) *grin* just a couple of shoes, bags and Kurtas.. thats it!! Stop looking at me like that!
We got home extemely tired and then i sat down to clear my cupboard with a little help from my cousin. She’s such a sweetheart. My cupboard is so clean now, I could practically sleep in it!! 😀
But today was special. Today I wore a sari to college for the first time in four years and as much as I ‘enjoyed’ the experience and all the compliments I dont think ill be trying that for a really looooooongggggg time! Have 5-6 (possibly more) meters of heavy cloth draped around me for like 12 hours??!! No thankyou! 
But apart from all that, today was nice. We had our chapel Christmas celebration today. Pretty neat.. If not perfect. lol. We had fun during Praise and Worship. Lol. we danced and jumped in our saris.. Haha! FUN! But I think my favorite part was the skit they put up.. Joel and Oscar were so funny and Esther- brilliant!!!! I was laughing so much. And Adley playing the role of Jesus! lol. 🙂 There was Chocolate cake after that but I missed it and surprisingly i dont really regret it.. well.. maybe a little bit.. 😀
Going back home in the train- Joel went crazy taking pictures of us! Lol and we also found a mysterious mark on Amiel’s cheek.. Wonder what it was and how it got there.. 😉 I hope Amiel doesnt read this any time soon.
So there was my day! Long and tiring but fun! Im trying to make the most of these last few months in college! Ill miss you all so much!

Oscar- Did you win the PS-2 for me?