I’ve been thinking about this past one year. Its been strange.. Really up and down. Im trying to think of atleast a few good things that happened this year but its hard… I liked last yr much better. I’ve made quite a few friends this yr but I lost some old ones… This was the year I got my braces, I turned twenty.. what could get worse than that?! Oh wait.. Final yr of Psychology.. forgot about that.. 
Why is it so hard to think of something nice that happened this year?!! I think its time to count my blessings and name them one by one. 
Let’s see…
I started blogging and I made a whole lot of friends that way! For example, Diana.. I think she’s an amazing person, fun, energetic, full of the love of Christ. Its amazing how you can connect with some people even though you’ve never met them.. *hug* 😀

Then, I went to Goa!!!! now that is huge coz all my life i’ve never seen any place oustide of Saudi, UAE, Mumbai and Kerala.. And I had fun inspite of everything that happened there.

A lot of my friends are getting married/engaged and I am so very happy for them!!!! 😀

God suddenly sent a lot of my of my ol school friends from Saudi my way.. Its amazing to meet them in the strangest and most unexpected of places.. I just want to meet all of them atleast once. That would be so awesome..

People believe in me!!!! Its wonderful to know that atleast someone believes in you and especially someone you least expect.

Stress is good for losing weight!!!!

There were no floods this year!
7/11 happened but even then God really took care of me.

God showed me that He can really use me in the most unexpected ways… even when I dont believe in myself!!

That doesnt seem like much right now but Im sure ill find much more to thank God for.