I cannot understand why a lot of things happened the way did.. I thought I had it all figured out but I guess I was wrong. It hurts that things had to end this way. It really does. I had too many plans. Maybe I didnt pray enough or maybe its just another one of life’s lessons.

This year has been very trying with regard to Relationships.. I lost an uncle but I got my other family members back. I lost a friend earlier this year but he keeps coming back. Being a friend is a huge responsibilty. Maybe thats why some people prefer being loners. I should try that sometime..

I’ve learnt that there are some friends are the ones you can be completely wacky with, there are some you go to for emotional support, there are still others you go to when you are spiritually low.There are a few who know some of your deepest darkest secrets. A few you’d feel incomplete without. There are also some who you think really dont care about you but then they’re there when you really need a shoulder to cry on… and there are a few who come to you only when they need you. but I’ve learnt one thing today. Dont try to help anyone. They really dont want your help. They’re not really going to take your advice. They might try it for awhile but they will eventually do what they want to.. nobody likes to be told what to do because everyone thinks that whatever they’re doing is right. So there, dont come to me thinking Im going to tell you what to do and i’m not coming to you for advice. I know where I should go!

This post is not directed at any one person. Or maybe it is. But thats for me to know and you not to find out