I havent written much about whats been happening with me.

Well.. My mom’s back and I am so glad to see her. She’s still a little shaken over what had happened but she’s still standing strong. I missed her a lot.. especially her cooking.. hehe
College reopened on Monday. submitted most of my projects. Got two more left to give in.

My friends got me a great birthday gift. A big picture of all them *in a really nice frame* for me to remember them.. That was really great. Thanks you guys! 😀

The funeral is this Monday so Mom will be going to Kerala tomorrow night. Dad’s coming down for a few days. I really miss him. Especially after all that has happened i want to treasure every moment I spend with my family..

My class is taking a trip to Goa next week for four days. No text books, No lectures. Just beautiful beaches, good food and great friends. Really looking forward to that. I need a break.

There are a lot of things on my heart that i have to be praying for.  Top of my list is what i’ going to do after my graduation. I want to do child psychology but im not exactly sure where..
I was talking to my professor about working among prostitutes. Its something God has put on my heart and I want to do something about it. So praying about that as well.

Next is something equally important. I dont know how many people actually pray about who they’re going to marry, but i do. I have been praying for the past few years. I know what I want but I really need God to guide me. I dont want to make a mistake.
getting married was something I’ve wanted ever since i was a little girl. I dont know why. Its just always been on my mind. I know he’s out there somewhere. I know he’s just right for me and I dont want to waste my time to someone who is nowhere close to him. So i’m going to wait for him and I need a lot of grace to wait. So i need a lot of prayer. I need a lot of God.

I wish I could be there for the funeral.. atleast to stand by Neil.

Thankyou Jesus for all that you’ve been for me. For every smile. For every little thing that i so often dont notice. Thankyou for being there.