This week seems to be so long. I dont know how I’m going to get through this week and finish my assignments on time before college reopens.
The story til now.. It is Ramzan/Eid in Saudi and so all the offices are closed and they open only on Saturday which means that they cannot get the body back to India for burial until after Saturday. Please pray. 
I really need prayer. I seem to be losing it. sometimes I’ll be laughing and giggling like nothing ever happened and then after a while I feel so burdened. I want to cry but… I feel so alone. I miss my mom. A warm hug would make me feel so much better. But then somehow in our ‘Indian’ culture we dont hug our own family too much..
My cousin is still not fine. He feels so alone and he wants all his family around him. There is a lot of responsibility on his shoulders and I think he feels the burden of all that. He’s only 19. He shouldnt have to go through this. Its just not fair.
And then you have a whole group of people who are so bitter about the whole thing that im afraid they’ll start to fight about it. Everyone is blaming everyone else. Its upsetting. This is not anybody’s fault. Why cant people just understand that? 
One thing I’m sure of is that my uncle is with his Father in heaven. He had a hard life.. very stressful and he was tired. So God called him home. Isnt that simple enough to understand?! Atleast now he wont have to work long hours in the dry desert heat. He’s resting. He’s at peace. He’s finally happy.
Father, I need you. We all need you. We’re so confused. Help us.