Yesterday was such a long day. From the beginning it was all about death and sickness and bitterness. Lots of crying, pain, loneliness.
I got a call from Shannon and he told me that there was a boy from my church who died yesterday. He was only 15.. Thalassemia. I didnt know what to say. I felt so alone. That kid had to be the dearest little boy ever. He kept playing tricks on me whenever he met me. He was such a dear child. I dont know what to say. Life seems so precious now.

My cousin seems to be doing a little better although he feels lonely too..

I sat to pray last night and i knew God was there. A father to the fatherless. Comforter to the broken.This song was in my heart-

Emmanuel, Jesus Christ, You’ll never let me go
My shepherd King is watching over me

–Hillsongs, God He reigns

Gos still reigns and he’s still watching over me!