I think I’ll write about what God had been speaking to me about that one week in Saudi. I was reading ‘What’s so amazing about Grace?’ by Philip Yancey (which I must say is a fabulous book) and I learnt so much from it. I learnt firstly that I am a hypocrite.. worse than a pharisee. A pretty hard first lesson! 
I was walking around judging people just as the pharisees did. Forgetting so easily that not too long ago God had forgiven me and accepted me in to his family. Saved by grace.. yet found it so hard to give that grace to others.
But that is what God expects of us. God loves everyone. He loves your worst enemy just as much as he loves you. That hit me really hard.
I’ve noticed that christians tend to create a sort of impenetrable wall of ‘holiness’ around them that people cant get by. I’ve realised that I’m not holy beacuse of what i do or say but i’m holy because of the blood of Christ. So i have nothing to boast about. Its Jesus all the way. So pull down the walls and reach out.. people need love.

So I’ve decided (and by his grace I’ll live by it) to love- no matter who the person is, no matter what they’ve done, irrespective of whether I think they deserve it. I want to see everyone through God’s eyes. Eyes of love.