I am so tired. Packing is such hard work. You pack and then you unpack and then you pack again. And then someone comes along with a parcel and you have to pack all over again. lol. Tiring! I am somewhat excited about this trip because i know God plans to do something in Saudi. Something to look forward to.
Aunty Nalini came home today and there happened to be these two women at home, one lady was having trouble with her marriage. Aunty listened to all of her problems and then she gave the Gospel to her, plain and simple and in Hindi!
That was the first time i’ve ever heard anyone share the gospel. It sounded so beautiful.. so sweet. so perfect. I’m in awe of the gift I have received. I must learn to cherish it.

These past few days have been so crazy. My birthday was strange because I wasnt in college and all my friends were far away although I do appreciate the messages and the phone calls..
and my friend’s dad was admitted in the hospital.. paralytic stroke.
Another friend lost her dad the day before my birthday and she was supposed to be married in a month. Made me feel awful. I know it wasnt my fault but I didnt want to celebrate another year to my life just then..
But I am grateful for twenty great years that God has given me. Lots of fun,even more mistakes but loads of Mercy and Grace.. I’ve watched God lead me through the toughest moments in my life. He has never let me down and i know he never will.

I know all of my friends are up to some big surprise thing which everyone promises me i will love. Im sure I will. Its just that I hate having to wait for it. And all of them keep mumbling about some Courier service.. If Deepak Sir knows what its about then maybe I could bribe him with cake.. hmm…
Or maybe i could just be patient and wait for it.

I cant wait to see my dad. This past week has taught me how important my dad is. So I’m gonna make every meeting count.

Gotta go finish my submission now.