Washing clothes is hard work.. No, I didnt use the washing machine. I washed them by hand. Tiring!!! I also ‘learnt’ to cook something!

I’ve realised that I’m any mother’s worst nightmare. My room is forever a mess. Maybe I should spend some more time with Sampada.. maybe some of her Obsessive-Compulsiveness will rub off on me! Justin’s cupbaord is more organised than mine!!!! Can you believe I didnt even know what a teaspoon measure was!! But I think I’m a little better now. Atleast now I dont get confused between the recipe for tea and the recipe for coffee.. my coffee still sucks anyway. The other day I wanted to boil potatoes and I couldnt remember whether you peel the potatoes first and then boil it or vice versa. *groan* I had to ask justin! What am I going to do?!
And then my mom had to brighten up my day as usual. She said something about how my mother-in-law would not tolerate all this and she would give me a hard time if i didnt shape up. Wow! there’s something to look forward to. First of all I have to leave my house and go to his house and them have his mom yell at me because I dont know how to do anything!! Life couldn’t get any better!!!

Then I hit upon this great idea! Ill write her a letter. I’m hoping that she blogs or atleast her son blogs and then he’ll tell her about it or something. so here goes-
Dear Mr. Christine’s mother,
Hi! I will probably be marrying your son in a couple of years.. not sure when. we haven’t decided on a date coz we haven’t met yet. hehe. so anyway getting back to the point. I dont know how to cook or clean very well. I can make strong tea(which my mom and dad love) I can make maggi noodles and cake (under supervision). I can wash dishes really well and if i set my mind to it then i can make my room look really neat. Remember when you were married and how scared you were and how you hard you tried to make a good impression. Not with your husband (we know you did that already.. wink wink)..With your in-laws. So keep that in mind when I come over to your place. I have a lot of other good qualities, eg: i’m fun, you wont be bored and we can go shopping and do a lot of girl stuff together which you probably would not be able to do with your son. oh and I can give real good foot massages. I promise to give you one every night. So I hope you will remember this letter when you finally meet me. I promise to be just like a daughter to you and you will be just like my mom for me.
Lots of love
P.S- I hope you can cook good italian food. If you cant, then work on it.

Hark I hear my mother calling.. i better go. maybe i can still learn something.