To start off, today is the birthday of Mr. Gandhi.. So happy birthday Mr. Gandhi. Thanks for everything..
Today is also Mansa’s bday, you know Mansa..Srija’s sister, Srija’s the one with the strange laugh.. but they’re really sweet and a whole lot of fun especially in place like Saudi.. anyway Happy Bday mansa!!!

Today mum and I went to Lokhandwala to shop for some kids in Saudi.. When we were done with that Mom took me shopping and I got an early birthday gift. But im not telling anyone what it is. Its something i’ve always wanted..
But we hadn’t taken the car to Lokhandwala and for some reason Mom didn’t want to take an umbrella with her and while we were shopping, it started to rain really heavily. So we walked. Thru the rain, and the muck and puddles and streams. We walked til we got to McDonalds, ate something and then left. Now came the hard part. We walked to the main road and we stood there in the rain.. waiting for a rickshaw.. all of them were full and the ones weren’t, refused to take us. I want to start a community on chirkut (thats orkut for those of you who arent familiar with my terminology) called ‘I hate rickshawalas’. They can be so annoying at times. I mean we’re standing there soaking wet, home is far away, we cant walk all the way but do they care.. NO!
We finally got a ric with a sweet driver.. (so im going to wait before starting that community.. there are still a few decent ones left.. We paid him a little extra coz he was so nice to us.. I just hope his ric didnt stall anywhere on the way back.
We got home soaking wet. Somehow our burger and fries weren’t soaked.
Then I got some quality time with Noah.. he’s the most adorable baby in the whole world.. Dont worry Eben, nathan is still on my top ten adorable babies list..

that’s all for now. I’ve posted a lot in two days.