My exam’s are done..well almost. I’ve got practicals on Thursday. *groan*. We have to know the entire journal (and more) like the back of our hands. This next month will be full of studying and preparing notes and projects. Not much of a vacation.

Today was so nice. My mom took Justin and me to Yoko’s and we had yummy steaks and sizzlers. mmmm.. and there was this whole group of kids/teens who ordered after we did and when we got our food they were staring at it.. freaky. made me really uncomfortable. I’m usually a sloppy eater and things just make it worse.. and the whole time they were talking about strange computer games and this boy likes this girl and this girl likes this boy but that boy likes her.. blah blah blah. like I said a bunch of kids.  I couldnt finish my sizzler.there was just too much. But Justin finished his sizzler and also wanted dessert. (and people call me fat, not fair). I did have dessert.. yummy kulfi. and Justin had some icecream..  (Oscar, next time wait)

The weather is so strange. Its October and its still raining. its sort of nice though ‘cept all my clothes get too dirty and then my poor mom has to wash them all.. a nice thing to do would be to wash my clothes myself but i dont want her to feel bored with nothing important to do.

ill be twenty in a week. im starting to get ok with it. but im still not celebrating. personal reasons.

ill be visiting my dad..leaving on the 12th. i have to see the brand new house (or palace as someone else called it). But dont cry ill be back in a week. ill go nuts otherwise.. no, no, my dad doesnt make me want to tear my hair but Saudi’s rules and regulations do.

other than that i miss all my old friends. God seems to be bringing a lot of my old school friends back.lots of msgs and emails. now i have to plan different ways to meet all of them. The strangest question i got from one of them was have you gotten tall or fat!! lol. I hope shirley comes down this december.. I’m dying to see her. And maybe i can get Eben’s cousin Benita to force Ira to come down in august with them. I miss them all too much.