I think its time for a new post. As usual life’s been a rollercoaster.. i feel like a tea coaster.. (not too sure what that meant but it rhymes..)

this past week has been hard but Im tough (thankyou Jesus) and so i made it. My horrible past seems to keep following me around. I thought I had forgotten it all but..it just keeps coming back and leaves me feeling upset. I’ve wanted to scream and cry so many times but i kept it in (prolly coz people might think im nuts.. oh wait.. they already do. Darn!)  I know God’s there and He understands..

other than that.. my exams are coming up in 10 days after which there will be a much awaited month long holiday.. I probably wont post anything for awhile. not too sure

I managed to break my glasses today. so i have fix that and get my lenses fixed! But surprisingly im not too upset.

I got to thinking of how ill leave soon and Ill no longer be a part of Wilson. and dont know how long im going to be in mumbai after that.. somehow I think God has other plans..

i shud go now. got a date with my dentist